Representative and Secure

Governmental properties and buildings of international organizations must be open for the public, otherwise the employees, values and data in the buildings must be protected against various threats such as vandalism, forced entry or bomb attacks. The protection of the employees, particularly in conflict areas represents a high requirement.

Our performances

  • Very large experience in realizing such projects in Germany and abroad
  • We comply with the security requirements of various countries and organizations
  • Many realized projects: such as embassies and consulates of Germany, USA, UK, Turkey, New Zealand  etc., and many projects for international organizations e.g. headquarters for the UNICEF
  • Special products according the customer requirements: transaction windows for the issue of visa, mobile or stationary guard houses fully equipped e.g. with X-ray machines, complete protection of the building (facade, windows, doors, skylights etc.), bullet and explosion resistant partitions e.g. for the temporary protection of buildings
  • Service: transport organization and installation worldwide also in conflict areas

Brochure: Security Concepts for Embassies & Consulates pdf icon

Our product range for Embassies, International Organisations, Ministries and authority