High security and high durability

The features of our products are: secure, resilient, functional, reliable and suitable for long-term use. They protect people and military facilities worldwide independent of the climatic conditions and the security requirements. They provide combined protection against forced entry, fire, ballistic and blast attacks. Our steel constructions furthermore are tested according to the standard STANAG 2280 (NATO). They offer protection against attacks with mortars (C4) and artillery shells (C5) and are useable in crisis areas. Our windows, doors and other constructions provide protection against all portable fully automatic weapons up to machine guns like AK-47, AK-74, NATO G3, M16 and MG3. If required, shielding technology can be integrated for protection against interception.

Examples for areas of application

Guard houses, observation buildings, secure entrances with interlocking doors/gates, escape doors, windows and doors for the housing of the soldiers, for the military headquarters, the firing range, weapon room doors, cell doors and windows etc.

Our product range for military facilities