2.outward-opening-door-5015mCharges: 50 kg (110 lbs), 100 kg (220 lbs) | Distance: 15 mtr (50 ft)

Until recently the only doors available to combat the threat of explosion were outward opening due to the huge pressures acting on the door leaf being partially absorbed by the outer frame rebate.

Inward opening doors do not have this support and rely on the hinges, interlocking sections and the locking mechanism to dissipate the pressures involved to the framing and structural connections.
SÄLZER have overcome the technical challenges involved through extensive R&D culminating in doors being tested and achieving a GSA 2 rating whilst still retaining the ability to be used as a means of entry or escape. Once again SÄLZER has proven itself to be a leading exponent in this field with new and innovative ideas.
Photo: aluminium door after the blast, achieved a GSA 2 rating.