3.Window-25015mResults proven by open range blast trials with 250 kg (551 lbs) @ 15 mtr (50 ft). GSA 2

2.10.13 Aluminium window (2 fixed panes) of the series S2 were successfully tested.
Windows offers additional protection against ballistic and forced entry attacks:
upper pane FB 6 NS, RC 5  | lower pane FB 7 NS, RC 5.
Furthermore a fully glazed outward opening aluminium door of the series S6 energy saving was tested with this high charge. Despite the large glazing area the tested aluminium element provide maximum protection against terrorist threats (photo left).



Calculated load: pressure 630 kPa (6.30 bar) | impulse 1,856 kPa-ms (18.56 bar-ms).
Normally doors required for such high loads are constructed from steel with all of its inherent problems, due to the innovative design and construction SÄLZER are able to offer extensively high levels of protection in many fields as well as a more aesthetically pleasing option now so often required by architects and clients alike. As the name implies S6 energy saving has excellent thermal properties and can achieve levels of 1.5 -2.0 W/m2K.
Photo: aluminium window after the blast, calculated load: pressure 630 kPa, impulse 1,856 kPa-ms.