As first manufacturer SÄLZER passed a fire test (level EI30) of a fully glazed forced entry resistant (RC2) steel frame door with panic hardware. To provide forced entry resistance of a fully glazed door with panic hardware in accordance with DIN EN 179 / DIN EN 1125, it is necessary to use a glazing with polycarbonate. This glazing withstand heavy forced entry attempts so that an opening of the door from the outside using the panic function is prevented. A  fire-resistant glazing would be penetrated in seconds and would not offer protection against forced entry. However, polycarbonate is easily inflammable and is not suitable for the use as fire-resistant glazing. No adequate glazing was offered by the glass industry.

For this reason SÄLZER has jointlydeveloped a glazing with a renowned glass manufacturer which combines polycarbonate (for the  forced entry resistance of an fully glazed door / panic hardware) and fire-resistant glazing. This door, series SECUFIRE®, has been successfully tested in the fire test on the 02.06.2014. According to the testing institute a fire test in the oven was essential because no result of a fire test of a fully glazed door with polycarbonate exist until now. Advisory statements of an expert as evidence of the fire performance of the door would not be acceptable. With this development SÄLZER has proven his innovative capacity once again. The fire test of a fully glazed forced entry resistant steel frame door in level RC4 with panic hardware is in preparation.

SÄLZER extended the product portfolio with products which offers combined protection. A forced entry steel plate door with glazing (500 x 700 mm glazing) level RC4, panic  hardware, bullet resistance  FB 6 -NS and fire resistance EI 30 is already available .

Photo: door in the fire oven after the successful test.