Preisträger 2014

The international fair “security” in Essen honoured particularly pioneering developments with the Security Innovation Award.  A panel of 12 security experts from the industry, from public authorities and from the technical press reviewed the applications. Our multifunctional security door SECUFIRE® won the award in gold in the category technology & products. SECUFIRE® combines different security requirements: the door offers extensive protection against forced entry (up to level RC4), ballistic attacks (up to level FB4-NS), fire (up to EI45) and smoke (S200). Despite of many requirements the door is also applicable for emergency exit (with anti-panic lock) and gives a bright and friendly atmosphere because of full glazing. Up to now the combination of 2 doors were necessary to fulfill all these security requirements.

Last week, the door was furthermore successfully tested with a charge of 500kg explosive and offers additional protection against explosions.  Walther Sälzer, director of SÄLZER, received the so-called "Oscar of the Security Industry" with great pleasure. The price would be a great appreciation for the innovation capacity of SÄLZER. Such an achievement would not be possible without the cooperation of the complete team of SÄLZER. He dedicated the award to the senior chief Heinrich Sälzer. He started with the development and production of security products in the nineteen-seventies. His intensive development work was the basis for the award.

The multi-functional door SECUFIRE® can be used in many ways, such as industrial buildings, museums, banks or government buildings. The door can also be installed in prisons because it was also tested with various prison locks.

More information about the Security Award can be found on the website of the fair Essen.