Jubiläum Sälzer

Walther Saelzer has congratulated a lot of employees to their many years of membership at SAELZER. For a traditional family owned company like SAELZER a good working atmosphere is very important, this would be reflected by a long seniority. Mr. Salzer thanked all employees for their very good cooperation in 2014. Membership in detail: 40 years: Gotthard Hartung, master mechanic department steel construction. Albert Görge, technical service. 25 years: Lothar Pfeiffer, sales department. Hans-Herman Ludwig, team leader department aluminium construction. Achim Michel, team leader department aluminium construction.10 years: Detlef Maus (stock), Thomas Theis (calculation), Michaela Pflug (purchase), Marcel Riebeling (installation), Andreas Bingel (steel construction), Jürgen Thelen (project management installation). For the long and good cooperation, Mr. Saelzer thanked with an anniversary bonus.