Stand außen26.1.2015 The exhibition BAU in Munich has been successfully completed last weekend. We got many new interesting point of contacts from national and international companies. As every year we presented our latest product developments at the show. Our aluminum window part of our S2es series aroused great attention. The window was bullet proofed in the highest resistant level FB7-NS according to DIN EN 1522+1523. Additional to the high security the window provides excellent thermal protection. Depending on the layout and glazing Uw-values of 0.9W/m2K can be realized. Our window part of SECURON® series got a very good feedback. It even offers protection against burglary in the tilted position window. The window was tested in the tilted window position in level RC3 according to DIN EN 1627-1630. Thus SECURON® ensures natural ventilation and protection against burglary. 2 times a day a live forced entry tests at our glazed aluminum door took place. This tests caused a veritable visitor congestion in the corridor outside our booth. Sometimes the opposite booth from Hörmann were used by the spectators. During the test our colleagues explained impressively the problem, caused by glazed doors equipped with anti-panic locks in accordance with DIN EN 179 and 1125 which should be additionally forced entry resistant in the high resistant level RC4 (see also

Furthermore, we presented our fully glazed multi-function door SECUFIRE® that reliably against burglary (up to RC4 with panic function), fire and smoke (EI45, Sm), fire (up FB7-NS) and explosion (tested with 500kg of explosives) protects.