SA80WeaponRck 002 aufgeh bearbeitet10 ea rifle Type L98A2, Cadet Rifle / L85A2
Robust designed storage racking system allowing easy access to the weapons if the racking is not locked with the horizontal locking bar. Visual checks can be conducted, whether the rack is secured or not secured. The construction allows connecting several racks in a stacked version or back to back or free standing. The rack connection takes place via screws M8 x 20 mm with M 8 nuts. The same holes can be used to fix the racks with 8 mm anchors to the ground or wall. A safe transport of a complete weapon rack incl. rifles is possible. Rubber protection protects the barrel against scratches.

The rack allows storing of rifles Typ L98A2 or L85A2 with or without magazine and with or without optics. The design of the weapon rack in the smallest version allows the safe storage of 10 rifles. A label plate containing the name of the manufacturer, model, manufacture date and serial-number is attached to each rack. There are no loose locking bars to be misplaced/lost as with previous designs utilised by the MOD. The weapon racking can be designed for the storage of various weapon systems in customised sizes and is equipped with Padlock Type Abloy/PL340/25.