Wachhaus Petro Chemie

The safety cabin is a variation ot the SAELZER modular guardhouse, specially designed for the use at refineries, chemical plants, ammunition factories and many other sensitive areas. It is individually designed to offer protection for workers after a petro-chemical accident until the rescue teams arrive. The complete safety cabin incl. roof, floor, walls, door and windows is blast resistant up to 700 mmbar / 20 msec. Higher security requirements are possible, additional security against forced entry, ballistic attacks, fire and smoke can be integrated. The standard size is 2,554 x 6,188 x 3,000 mm. In this standard size up to 10 people will find protection. Smaller or larger sizes are possible.All necessary kinds of connection for power, water, phone etc will be prepared by SAELZER. So the cabin can be individual equipped with e.g. survival ventilation equipment, gas filter and explosion protection valves to protect the people inside against gases, blast and smoke.