Betriebsversammlung 2015At the end of the year at the traditional employees meeting 2 colleagues were honoured for their 25 years staff membership at SAELZER. As appreciation for their work Mario Bromm and Ralf Rhiel got gifts from CEO Walther Saelzer. Walther Saelzer thanked both for their reliable co-operation and their commitment to the company. Mario Bromm started as technical draftsman at SAELZER on the 02.01.1990.

As project manager Mario Bromm is the point of contact for our customer, from the planning up to the installation of the products. Walther Saelzer said in his acceptance speech that Mario Bromm is a valued employee and colleague in the project team due to his extensive expert knowledge and his experience. In his leisure time he is interested in motorsports and is activein the shooting club in Todenhausen. Ralf Rhiel joined SAELZER on the 22.10.1990.He started his apprenticeship as metalworker. After his 3 year training he moved into the global operating installation team. Installation projects abroad in outlying areas or under tough and extreme working conditions are no problem for Ralf Rhiel praised Walther Saelzer. This work requires flexibility and organizational skills. In his leisure time Ralf Rhiel likes very much to work in his one house and garden in Sterzhausen. Walther Saelzer emphasised that well-trained employees with expert knowledge are very important in the world wide competition. Therefore three trainees started their apprenticeship this year: as “metalworkers” Hanna Madita Bechtel and Paul Junk and as “technical system planner” Lukas Emmerich. Walther Saelzer hopes that the 3 "new" colleagues will continue to work as long as Mario Bromm and Ralf Rhiel at SAELZER. After the meeting the family Saelzer invited the entire workforce to a hike to a neighbouring place, where at a restaurant the Christmas party started. Photo (from left to right): Walther Saelzer honours together with Burkhard Böckler (representative of the Metal Guild Marburg) Mario Bromm and Ralf Rhiel.