wz120312 ISO9001SAELZER is one of Germany's first company that is certified to the new standard DIN EN ISO: 2015. The new certificate is expected in the next few days. Compared to the previous standard version (2008), there have been some changes: for example less company processes has to be documented. Instead this the traceability in various company processes is more important, for example, the determination of performance indicators. The reviews of the customer (product quality, service etc) will be rated higher, as well as the knowledge and expertise of the staff. In addition, the risk management of the company is much more important than in previously standard version. The CEO, Walther Saelzer, thanks all employees for their active support. So the "Upgrade" to the new standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 could be implemented without deviations in the annual audit by TÜV Hessen.