Modular protective panelMaximum protection against various criminal and terrorist threats. Tested according NATO STANAG 2280:
- Security level C4: mortar
- Security level C5: artillery
Blast protection up to a reflected impulse of 40bar-ms, corresponding to a charge of 7kg TNT which exploded 1,5 m in front of the protective panel. Protection against all portable automatic weapons up to a machine gun , like AK-47, AK-74, Nato G3, M16, MG3. Easy installation: Protective wall must only be placed in front of the building. Flexible use: protection for all vulnerable property such as embassies, industrial plants, military installations. Individual design: height, width, design, equipment. Temporary use: fast dismantling and assembly in front of another building. Low space requirement. Test video according NATO STANAG 2280 security level C5: