Durchschusshemmung27.6.2016 Our new header photo of facebook shows the European standard for bullet resistant products DIN EN 1522 + 1523. SAELZER has tested the products according this standard up to the highest security level FB7-NS at independent test institutes. According to the European test standard resistance classes from FB1 to FB7 are distinguished. In the different security levels the elements will be shot from different distances, with different weapons, calibres and bullet velocities. The higher the class the greater the used weapons/calibres and the higher are the requirements for the construction. After each shot it will be checked whether splinters from the construction flew into the room, independently of the ballistic level. It is divided into: NS = No Splinters and S = Splinters.
Different kinds of weapons and ammunition are used worldwide. To provide individual protection, SAELZER tests not only according to international standards but also according to customer specifications; this means with the weapons which are used in the homeland of the customer. We tested for example the window, doors and facades with the AK-47 (caliber 7.62 x 39), the AK-74 (caliber 5.45 x 39) or with the sniper rifle (calibre: .300 Win.Mag., 7,62 x 54R and .30-06).