Food passer inspection window22.11.16 The SÄLZER food passer can be retrofitted into every cell door with a door depth of about 50-80mm. It is solid, double-walled and flush with the inside door surface so that the inmate can’t injure himself on edges. Two reinforced hinges serve as opening delimiter outside the cell. Food, medicine and documents can be conveniently passed through without opening the door. This facilitates the daily work, increases security against break-out attempts and protects the staff against attacks, e.g. the inmate can be handcuffed through the passer. An inspection window installed directly over the food passer provides a secure view of the cell interior. 

Optionally outside blinds can be installed on the window. The food passer lock can be installed by SÄLZER or can be provided by the customer. The size of the food passer and inspection window are according the requirements of the customer. Both products are penetration-resistant and protect against vandalism, the armored glazing of the inspection window has been tested in accordance with DIN EN 356. The products can be used in courts, in police stations, prisons and in forensics hospitals. Further retrofitting products for cell doors e.g. security chain: cell doors.