01 SÄLZER Jubilare 201616.12.2016: 7 anniversaries for 10, 25 and 50 years staff membership were celebrated at the annual employees meeting. The staff retention is difficult in our fast-paced world. Therefore SÄLZER is very pleased to honor 7 employees for their long-term membership. Horst Kuche can look back on a 50 year membership at SÄLZER. On 01.12.1966 he started his training as a metal worker. Horst Kuche was responsible for numerous regional projects in Marburg and throughout Hesse. He has the power of procuration since 01.10.1994. Many customers from different branches, such as banks, pharmaceutical companies, industrial companies, department stores value him as a competent partner.

2 members in the calculation are happy about the 25 years of service. As head of the calculation department Wolfgang Preis is responsible for all offers since 01.07.1991. Wolfgang Preis have excellent technical knowledge and is available for all customers and interested parties by phone, email and in face-to-face meetings. He is supported by Kerstin Hallenberger, who started on 02.04.1991 at the secretariat of SÄLZER. After the baby break she changed into the calculation department.
Mario Bossenberger also began his career as trainee design draftsman 25 years ago on 01.08.1991. He is now working as a project manager in the department ‘aluminium security’. He takes care for the projects of the customers from the planning, production and installation worldwide. In April 2014 he was elected as shop chairman.
Günter Ludwig is employed as head of the department steel construction since 01.07.1991. His first tasks included the reorganization of the steel door and gate production. The product range was expanded by wedge barriers, drop arm barriers and bollards in 2002. Mr. Ludwig is also responsible for the ballistic testing center since 2014.
Stefan Planz is also looking back of 25 years membership at SÄLZER. The qualified metal builder has been working for SÄLZER since 04.11.1991. As an all-rounder, he is responsible for customer service, repairs and installation of windows, doors as well as for electromechanical components, especially at Ferrero and the University Hospital of Giessen-Marburg.
Jan Seibert, who successfully completed his apprenticeship at the company, has now been honored for 10 years membership. He is active in aluminium and steel manufacturing.
Photo from the left: Gerhard Fach (head of the craft guild), Stefan Planz, Wolfgang Preis, Günter Ludwig, Jan Seibert, Mario Bossenberger, Horst Kuche, Kerstin Hallenberger, Walter Sälzer, Elke Sälzer.