OXIR® grilles

Forced entry and break out resistant grilles

SAELZER’s OXIR® grilles are used as forced entry protection in public buildings and private homes. They are installed in police stations, prisons, courts, military, and detention facilities that require protection against break out attempts of the prisoner and assisted escape attempts.

The grilles are tested and certified against forced entry resistance according to European standards, level B and level RC4. SAELZER OXIR® grilles are recommended by the police.  

SAELZER has several patents for the OXIR® grilles. The grill frame is wall mounted and double fastened and have a special steel inlay against forced entry attempts with a saw.

The grill sizes can be chosen individually and are tested up to 10 m2 (107.64 sq ft). The placement of the single bars - horizontal, vertical, with or without decorating elements - can be freely chosen by the customer.

Security* Standard Class
Forced entry | break
out resistance**
According to DIN EN 1627-1630
According to VdS-guideline 2534
recommended from the police commission „Polizeiliche Kriminalprävention“
Up to RC4
Resistant level B
Material | design | size | surface
Material Steel, stainless steel
Disposal of the bars Horizontal, vertical, optional with ornamental elements
Installation In or in front of the reveal
Size Individual sizes, approved up to a size of 10 m² (107.64 sq ft)
Surface Galvanized, primed, powder coated, wet painted or polished (stainless steel)
Options Alarm wire 
* Individual requirements on request.  
**For the special case "attack from the inside" (breakout) no test standard exist. To ensure reliable security, the grilles were tested from both faces according to the European standard for forced entry resistance DIN EN 1627-1630 (test from the inside simulate e.g. a break out attempt from a prison).