Bullet-resistant doors, windows and facades

SAELZER security doors, windows and facades protect human lives against ballistic attacks. The special construction (profile, glazing, hardware etc.) and the professional installation ensure reliable protection.
The high security is proven by test certificates from accredited testing laboratories according the European standard for bullet resistance DIN EN 1522+1523 (table and UL752 standard see below). Despite the high security all products have an appealing design according to the requirements of the customer.

Sophisticated solutions for your security:

  • Windows, facades, aluminum- steel plate or steel frame doors certified up to the highest resistant level FB7 NS.
  • Furthermore protection against all portable fully automatic weapons including machine guns such as AK-47, AK-74, G3, M16, MG3.
  • Security combinations against further threats: bullet resistant up to level FB7 NS combined with forced entry resistance up to RC4 / RC5, blast resistant up to a pressure of 880 kPa (8.8bar / steel doors to 2750kPa (27.5bar), fire and smoke resistant up to EI90/ S200.
  • All advance tests are carried out in our own ballistic testing center. This allows an optimized product design and under or over-sized security construction are avoided.
  • We recommend complete secured elements incl. bullet-resistant wall connections (bullet resistant installation of the frame into the masonry).
  • Reliable and durable hardware systems: despite of high wing or casement weights (door up to 600 kg | window up to 300 kg) because of heavy bullet resistant glazing and strengthen profiles the SAELZER doors and windows are easy to use.
  • For weight reduction optional polycarbonate glazing can be used.
  • Optional: integration in a supervisory system, integration of glass breakage detectors, electric locking systems, signal contacts and more.
  • Further tests:
    -  VPAM APR 2006
    -  US-DOS SD-STD-01.01 Rev.G
    -  UL 752 (see table below)
    -  GOST R 51112-97

Brochure: Norms and Standards pdf icon

Extract from DIN EN 1522 + 1523 in accordance with 1063
Type of weapon/calibres Test range
FB1  BR1 Rifle 22 LR 10m +/- 0,5
FB2  BR2 9 mm Luger 5 m +/- 0,5
FB3  BR3 .357 Magnum 5 m +/- 0,5
FB4  BR4 .357 Magnum + .44 Rem. Magnum 5 m +/- 0,5
FB5  BR5 Rifle 5.56x45 10 m +/- 0,5
FB6  BR6 Rifle 5.56x45 + Rifle 7.62x51* 10 m +/- 0,5
FB7  BR7 Rifle 7.62x51** 10 m +/- 0,5
FSG  SG 2 Rifle Flinte Kal. 12/70 10 m +/- 0,5
In addition, the test results must have:
S = splinters    NS = no splinters 
* Softcore (lead) ** Hardcore (steel)
US standard for bullet resistant products: UL 752 (excerpt)
Resistant class / level Ammunition Grain Minimum
velocity (fps)
Number of
1 9 mm, full metal copper jacket with lead core(1) 124 1,175 3
2 .357 Mag. jacketed lead soft point 158 1,250
3 .44 Mag. lead semi-wadcutter gas checked 240 1,350 3
.30 caliber rifle lead core soft point 180 2,540 1
7.62 mm rifle lead core full metal copper jacket, military ball(1) 150 2,750 1
9 mm full metal copper jacket with lead core(1) 124 1,400 5
5.56 mm rifle full metal copper jacket with lead core(1)   55 3,080 5
7.62 mm rifle lead core full metal copper jacket, military ball(1) 150 2,750 5
  • Note: maximum velocity is 110 percent of the minimum velocity. Full metal jacket(1)  = copper
    * Number of shots for the testing of materials are given. The number of shots and their angles are chosen by the testing institute when testing a complete unit (window or door).