Trust is good but control is better

POINTRONIC® is an intelligent door control system which is excellently suitable in areas where high security is needed.

The system is monitored by a microprocessor and is individually programmed according to the specific requirements of the customer. POINTRONIC® is a flexible system and can be adapted without problems to varied needs. The robust hardware guarantees always the highest reliability. It can be operated by a guard/receptionist or by an access control system.


  • Very high operation security:

If the outer door of the interlocking system is opened, there is no possibility to open the inside door at the same time. Only when the outer door is locked, the inside door can be operated. Exceptions: emergency situations or if the door system has to be cleaned or maintained.

  • Self monitoring of the system:

Faults are immediately recognized and identified, then the defect of a component is shown on the tableau. Defects will be compensated by other components, so the security of the interlocking door system is assured. Advantage: the normal interlocking door operation modus can be maintained until the fault is eliminated.


Courts, prisons, embassies, computer centers, banks, industry facilities etc

Emergency exit control systems - security for escape routes

Escape routes and emergency exits ensure that people in case of emergency can leave the building as far as possible. Furthermore they make sure that the rescue team can enter the facility quickly to start effective rescue measures.

The emergency exit control systems which are recommended by SAELZER offer various applications. They are easy to integrate into available security systems.

On the one hand exit doors must be openable easily and quickly in case of emergency and on the other hand the doors should protect against forced entry.

The emergency exit control system is tested and approved as complete unit.