For the safe document transfer

Transaction drawers and deal trays are used for passing, controlling or exchanging documents, objects, passports, money and more, without sacrificing security. Embassies, police stations, courts, detention facilities, banks, military facilities or similar institutions are some of the intended applications.

Both, transaction drawers and deal trays, are tested and certified according to European standards for bullet resistance (DIN EN 1522+1523) up to the highest resistance level FB7-NS. Furthermore the transaction drawers and deal trays are tested and certified 15 minutes FE/BR according to the US standard of the Dep. of State (SD-STD-01.01, Rev.G).

2 variations of transaction drawers are available:

  • One is in closed position flush with the outer wall, façade or partition wall. Excellent for use outdoors.
  • The other version has a movable tray which moves in opposite directions. For installation in a counter or desk, for use indoors.                                      

Both are available in various sizes and surfaces. For the outdoor use, the drawer is protected against bad weather conditions.

Brochure: Transaction Drawers & Deal Trays pdf icon