A secure alternative to barriers

Drop arm barriers are an alternative to blade barriers in those locations that a blade barrier is not desired. The standard drop arm is designed for a 142 inches (3.6 meter) lane, but can be extended to cover a 236 inches (6 meter) lane, other sizes are posible. Other options: signal and security lights, extreme weather package, safety loops, access control systems and many other options. SAELZER drop arms have been installed around the world in environments ranging from - 40° to + 50° C.

Photos of realized projects:

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Facts at a glance
Material High grade steel, hot dipped galvanized.
Certification level* Tested and certified according to the US-Dep. of State standard SD-STD-02.01, K4 level (15,000 lbs/30 mph), tested according customer requirements: 44,092lbs /18.6 mph. Also available according to ASTM F2656/F2656M-15 and PAS68.
Control system Siemens S7
Drive Electro hydraulic, 400 V hydraulic power unit is housed at same location of drop arm assembly.
Operation Separate control panel. Compatible with many access control systems. Optional manual hand pump.
Standard opening and
closing time
Recommended opening speed 15 seconds. Opening speed adjustable.
Standard foundation 47 inch (1,200 mm)
Standard barrier height 35 inch (900 mm)
Standard barrier width Up to 236 inch (6,000 mm), other sizes possible
Surface Galvanized, primed, powder coated or painted. Colour marks and claddings on request.
Further options Automatic or manual drop arm locking pin, signal and security lighting, traffic lights, heater for HPU and for foundation, induction loop detectors, access control, card readers and more, automatic operation, remote control, limit switches, extreme weather packet: - 40 up to + 50 degrees.
* Individual requirements on request