2 tons of steel in the right place at the right time

Terrorists and criminals use all methods available to reach their targets. SAELZER barriers offer highest protection for this kind of threat. In case of emergency the whole roadway is blocked by the system additional to trucks, vans, cars also motorbikes will be stopped.
To rent: mobile barrier for temporary use. We rent our certified M850 mobile security barrier for the temporary protection of entrances and exits of events, such as Christmas markets or conferences.

Video of the crash test of our K12 level barrier:

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Facts at a glance
Material High grade steel, hot dipped galvanized.
Certification level* Tested and certified according to the US DoS standard SD-STD-02.01:
K12/Pass (15,000 lbs/50 mph, impact load: 1,695kJ)
Also available according ASTM F2656/F2656M-15 and PAS 68 (impact load: 1,852kJ)
Control system Siemens S7
Drive Electro hydraulic, 400 V hydraulic power units is housed at same location of barrier. Optional remote installation possible.
Operation Separate control panel. Compatible with many access control systems. Optional manual hand pump.
Standard opening and closing time Individual adjustable e.g. up to 6 seconds. Optional: emergency function in 1 second.
Standard foundation 16 inches (400 mm)
Standard barrier height 35 inches (900 mm), barrier is flush with the surface of the roadway in closed position.
Standard barrier width Up to 177 inches (4,500 mm), other sizes on request.
Surface Galvanized, primed, painted, anti-slip paint.
Further options Signal and security lighting, traffic lights, heater for HPU and for bollard foundation, induction loop detectors, access control, card readers and more, extreme weather packet: - 40 up to + 50 degrees. Other options on request.
* Individual requirements on request.