For a controlled access

SAELZER manufactures custom-made interlocking door systems for courts, detention facilities, embassies, military properties, industrial companies or banks and many other security areas where a controlled access to the building is necessary. The entrance system with two or more doors will be designed exactly according to the security needs, the spatial conditions and the architectural style of the building.
The interior of the interlock door system can also designed customised with SAELZER partitions and transaction windows. Escape route security systems can be integrated and the control system is individually programmable and developed by SAELZER. Further options:  intercoms, video surveillance and electronic access control. An electronic entrance monitoring and person separation can be integrated.

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Brochure: Circular booths
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Facts at a glance
Material Steel, aluminium


Aluminium door S2, S6 energy saving
Steel door series S4
Tubular steel frame door SECUFIRE®
Other mechanical
Transaction window
Security Depending on the selected SAELZER series, please refer to respective product site.
Door and interlocking door control system
Emergency exit control system
Intercom system
Access control system
Metal detector
X-ray units etc.
 Also see lock function for gates and the perimeter security