Doors for the protection of historical monuments

SAELZER doors which are manufactured according the ‘regulations for the protection of cultural heritage', preserve historical buildings, without altering the design, and nevertheless with the integration of necessary contemporary security to protect the building against threats.

Materials, styles, hardware and applications, all historical details match the original door. Naturally, having all modern door technology and special requirements for thermal and noise insulation.

Despite the historical design, the doors are, like all other SAELZER doors, available in highest levels according international standards of forced entry, bullet and blast resistance.
The SAELZER profile system permits various constructions for individual requirements.

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Fact at a glance
Material Aluminium, steel
Surface Powder coated, painted or anodized.
Planked with different materials like wood, stainless steel, bronze.
Opening variations Turn wing, double sashes with turn wing, turn wing with toplight, turn wing with toplight and side panel, 1 leaf sliding door, 2 leaf sliding door.
With arched, sprouts and other features such as ornaments, capitals, adornments according to historical models or preservation requirements.