Series S4 - just safe is not enough

The high security steel door series S4 offers combined protection against forced entry (up to level RC6), fire (up to T90/EI90/BS 476-22, 120min.), ballistic attacks (up to level FB7-NS) and blast attacks (EXR5/resistant against a pressure of 2,750 kPA (27.5 bar). Further more the S4 door is resistant against pressure waves which occurs during a petrochemical accidient (further information see table below). The tested and certified high security door is customized designed in different sizes, finishes and design options.

New: The steel door is nominated for the German Design Award 2018. The steel door offers individual design options despite the high security properties. The German Design Award directly contributes to the overall commercial success. Prizes will only be awarded to projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape.

The following test video shows the forced entry test of the steel door, level RC5/RC6 at an accredited test institute.

Brochure: Steel door S4 pdf icon

Security* Standard Class
Forced entry |
break out
According to DIN  EN 1627-1630 Up to RC6
Tested inside and outside opening doors.
According to DIN EN 1522+1523 Up to FB7-NS
Tested inside and outside opening doors, both faces of the door were tested.

According to DIN EN 13123

According to customer requirements: high explosives, high pressure

According to customer requirements: long duration pressure, high impulse

Up to EXR5-NS: 20 kg charge blasted in 4 m
Reflected pressure up to 2,750 kPa  (27.5 bar)
Reflected impulse up to 1,508 kPa-ms (15.08 bar-ms)
GSA Level 2

Explosive charge: 100 kg, 200 kg, 500 kg blasted in different distances, e.g. in 10 m
Reflected pressure up to 880 kPa (8.8 bar)
Reflected impulse up to 1,543 kPa-ms (15.430 bar-ms)
GSA Level 2

Pressure duration up to 4,500 msec.
Reflected pressure: 93 kPa (0.93 bar)
Reflected impulse: 210,000 kPa-ms (2,100 bar-ms)
GSA Level 2

According to DIN EN 13501-2 classified

According to British Standard BS 476
EI30 (T30), EI90 and EW60, tested on both sides

120 min. (actual test duration 150 min.)
According to DIN EN 13501-2, C5 S200 and C5 Sa classified
quality control
  • Recommended by the German police commission ‘crime prevention’.
  • Certified quality monitoring of the forced entry resistant S4 doors by the institute PfB.
  • The forced entry resistant S4 door is approved by VDS.
Performance characteristics according to DIN EN 14351 
against wind
Depending on element size and glazing up to class C5
Depending on element size and glazing class 1A up to E2700
Depending on element size and glazing up to class 4
UD2.2 W/m2K; values vary depending on size and glazing
Up to RW 50 dB; values vary depending on size and glazing
Life cycle test 200,000 cycles 
Sizes | glazing | hinges | locks | installation
Design Single or double leaf door and sliding door
Attack side: hinge site or opposite hinge side
Outward or inward opening
With top and side panels, opaque or glazed. Arched top lights or other forms.
Door leaf
72 mm - 119 mm, depending on the security level.
Security level of the glazing correspondent with resistance level of the complete door construction.
Glazing in different forms and sizes. With glazing forced entry resistant up to level RC4 despite emergency and panic locks. Integrated louvers with different ventilation cross sections and sizes, forced entry resistant up to RC4 despite emergency and panic locks.
Surface Galvanized and primed, ready for finishing on site or painted according to RAL or DB colour range over glad according customer requirements e.g. with stainless steel, timber or stone.
Size Almost every door size is manufacturable.

Locks |
security fittings

All locks which are approved in the tested level of security can be incorporated. Mechanical, electro-mechanical or motorized locks, single or multiple locking optional with self-locking devices. Doors for emergency exits are tested according to DIN 179 and DIN 1125 (RC4). Applicable as interlocking door with special control system possible. All security fittings which are tested and approved in the respective security level can be installed.
Hinges |
leaf weights
Hinges are designed for high weights. Ease of movement despite high leaf weights. Hinges bear wing weights up to 600 kg, turn wing gates up to 1,000 kg and sliding gates up to 5,000 kg leaf weight.
Door rebate |
threshold design
3-sided door rebate, alternative: 4-sided door rebate. Threshold design: adjustable floor seal, bullet resistant floor connection (or threshold), threshold rail made of stainless steel or galvanized steel, with/without seal, option: accessible entrance for people with impairments/disabilities (barrier-free).
wall connection
Installation is permitted in various wall materials. Bullet resistance: a bullet-resistant wall connection is tested and is recommended.
* Higher resistant levels or other security requirements upon request.
** For the special case "attack from the inside" (breakout) no test standard exists. To ensure reliable security, the doors were tested from both faces according to the European standard for forced entry resistance DIN EN 1627-1630 (test from the inside simulate e.g. a break out attempt from a prison).