Individual and reliable in daily use

Detention facilities, industrial plants, refineries, data centers, military properties, logistics companies as well as banks or warehouses require special protection of the entrances to the building or separate building sections.

Gates have to protect against unauthorized access as well as to assure smooth flow of the traffic. SAELZER steel gates prove themselves day-by-day. They are weatherproofed; they are extremely robust even under constant load, as well easy to use, independent of the gate size! Every SAELZER security steel gate is individual designed and produced based on the special requirements of the customer.

Of course all gates have corresponding gate drives.

Design variations of the gates:

  • Sliding gates
  • Side hung gates
  • Folding gates
  • Grilled gates
  • Gates with louver
  • Gates with grilled panels
  • Glazed gates
  • Telescope sliding gates
  • Gates with man-sized doors, glazed or with louver. Man-sized door optional with anti-panic function and forced entry resistant tested up to RC4.

Brochure: Steel gates pdf icon

Security* Standard Class
Forced entry resistance According to DIN  EN 1627-1630 Up to RC6 New (depending on the chosen design variation)
According to DIN EN 1522 + 1523 Up to FB7-NS
According to DIN EN 13123


According to customer requirements: high explosives, high pressure

According to customer requirements: long duration pressure, high impulse
Up to EXR5-NS: 20 kg blasted in 4 m
Reflected pressure up to  2,750 kPa  (27.5 bar)
Reflected impulse up to 1,508 kPa-ms (15.08 bar-ms)
GSA Level 2

Explosive charge 100 kg, 200 kg, 500 kg blasted in different distances: 10m, 15m, 25m
Reflected pressure up to 880 kPa (8.8 bar)
Reflected impulse 1,543 kPa-ms (15.430 bar-ms)
GSA Level 2

Pressure duration up to 1,000 ms
Reflected pressure: 93 kPa (0.93 bar)
Reflected impulse: 210,000k Pa-ms (2,100 bar-ms)
GSA Level 2
According to the defaults of the US Dep. of State SD-STD-02.01.
Or according to customer requirements.
K4 Level (15,000 lbs / 30 mph)
Smoke and Fire resistance On request
Performance characteristics according to DIN EN 14351
against wind load
Depending on version up to class C5 


Depending on version classes 1A up to E2700 
Depending on version up to class 4 
UD =  2.2 W/m2K; values vary depending on size and glazing 
Up to RW 50 dB; values vary depending on size and glazing 
Sizes | glazing | hinges | locks | installation
Door leaf
72 mm - 120 mm, depending on resistance class.
Glazing Security level of the glazing correspondent with the resistance level of the complete construction.
Size Custom sizes, no standard sizes.
Single or double leaf swinging and sliding gates, telescope sliding gates, folding gates, grilled gates, gates with integrated louver, gates with integrated grilles, glazed gates, gates with man-sized door (the man-sized door could be glazed/or with louver and emergency exit locks according to DIN 179 or panic locks according to DIN 1125 up to RC4).
Surface Galvanized, primed, powder coated or wet painted. Planked with various materials such as wood, stainless steel, bronze and others.
Locks |
security fittings |
running rail system
All locks which are approved in the tested level of security can be incorporated. Mechanical, electro-mechanical or motorized locks, single or multiple locking optional with self-locking devices.
All security fittings which are approved in the tested level of security can be incorporated.
Sliding gates or telescope sliding gates: running rails can be installed at the bottom or at the top.
Hinges |
leaf weights
Hinges are designed for high weights. Leaf weights of turn wing gates up to 1000 kg and sliding gates up to 5000 kg.
By combining two gates, an optimal incoming control of the vehicles can be realized.
Hand operated or different electro-hydraulic and electro-mechanical drives.
The control system of the gates can be integrated in the general building management system.
* Higher requirements on request.