SECUFIRE® multifunctional door

Multiple tested and certified

Are you locking for a door that provides a high level of transparency with large glazing and small profile widths and which offers highest protection against various threat scenarios, than the tubular steel frame door SECUFIRE® is your first choice:

® offers combined protection against:

  • Fire EI30, EI45, EW60 and E60
  • Forced entry RC4
  • Smoke S200 Sa and
  • Bullets FB4-NS
  • Explosions on request
  • In the Mechanical durability test, SECUFIRE® demonstrates his high reliability with 200,000 opening and closing cycles.

Product variations:

  • SECUFIRE® U - thermally insulated, for outdoor use (CE marking)

Different installation depths, profile widths, protection levels are available (see chart below). Through a variety of proven design variations an individual design is possible. SECUFIRE® can be fitted in partition walls, used as a door for corridors and can be installed as outer door in the thermally insulated variation.

Additionally SECUFIRE® is excellent for the use in detention facilities. For this particular application SECUFIRE® has been tested with the special locks which are used in prison.

Brochure: SECUFIRE® door pdf icon

Security* Standard Classes
Forced entry |
break out resistance**
According to DIN EN 1627-1630
Single and double door tested from both sides
RC4 | RC3
According to DIN EN 1522 and 1523
According to UL 752
Level 6
Blast resistance Tested according to the requirements of the customer Tested with a charge of 500kg
According to DIN EN 13501-2 classified
Single door tested from both sides, double door on request
EI30 (T30) | EI45
EW60 | E60 (G60)
According to DIN EN 13501-2 classified
Single and double door tested from both sides
S200 , Sa (RS)
200,000 opening and closing cycles tested, classified
according to DIN EN 13501-2
Highest level C5
* higher requirements on request
** For the special case "attack from the inside" (breakout) no test standard exists. To ensure reliable security, the doors were tested from both faces according to the European standard for forced entry resistance DIN EN 1627-1630 (test from the inside simulate e.g. a break out attempt from a prison).
Glazing | surfaces | locking | weights | installation | outdoor use
Glazing  Security level of the glazing is the same resistance level as the whole construction. Glass thicknesses in response to e.g. the security level up to 70 mm. Option: glazing bead flush, depends on  the security level.
Profile widths Because of the multiplicity of the product variations, please asked or see in the “architecture drawings catalogue”.
Surface Pre-treatment galvanized, yellow chromate. Options: primed for customer‘s final coating, wet coated, powder coated. Colour at choice. Planking for example anodized aluminium, stainless steel or wood.
Locks |
 Mechanical, electromechanical or motorized locks, simple or multiple locking system. Applicable in emergency exit (with anti-panic function), with emergency exit locks according DIN 179 and panic door locks according DIN 1125, tested up to RC4.  All security fittings which are tested and approved in the respective security level can be installed.
For detention facilities and forensic hospitals tested with special prison locks: simple locking systems up RC3 and with multiple locking systems (RC4).
Hinges | wing weights  Hinges for heavy weights. Easy operating despite heavy wing weights. Hinges bear wing weights up to 400 kg. Higher weights on request. 
Threshold | Floor gasket Threshold or adjustable floor gasket. Barrier free entrances and exits are possible.
Installation | Wall connection
Approved for installation in brickwork, aerated concrete, KS-masonry, steel tube frame. Bullet resistance: the wall connection is also tested and recommended. 
3)Outdoor use The execution SECUFIRE® is thermally insulated and tested according to the product standard DIN EN 14351 (CE marking) and thus ideally suited for outdoor use.
Assemblies |
Security level | Application
Forced entry and Break out up
to RC4
Bullets up to
Fire2) up to
EI30, EI45
EW60 E60
S200, Sa
Outdoor use Indoor use
SECUFIRE® U3) RC4 (without fire protection) E30, EW 30  (up to max. RC3)         • Thermal insulation 1.4-1.9 W/m²K*
sound insulation up to Rw 47 dB
SECUFIRE® F On request
(depends on the thickness of glass)
SECUFIRE® P  • RS-1 / RS-2  
(up to max. RC3)              
2) based on positive test report, individual approval possible.
*depends on glass thickness.