Keep your valuables secured
Vault door series S4W & S4W1

Safes and gun cabinets offers only limited space, the SAELZER vault door of the series S4 W and S4 W1 secure rooms of any kind, shape and size.

Secure storage of a large weapon collection or other valuables, such as jewellery or antiques. Allowing an attractive presentation of precious collections.

SAELZER vault room doors of the series S4 W and S4 W1 meet the stricter requirements of the new German weapon law. The doors are tested and certified according to DIN EN 1143-1, the resistance level 0 and 1. Our vault room door thwarted break-in attempt.

Storage requirements of the German weapon law according to DIN EN 1143:

  • Door resistant level 0:
    storage of 10 handguns and unlimited long arms, munition and accessories.
  • Door resistant level 1:
    storage of unlimited quantities of handguns and long arms, munition and accessories.

Steel door series S4HS was tested in the highest forced entry classes RC5 & RC6

The number of burglaries has increased extremely in the last few years. Only every sixth burglary could be solved. Therefore it is important to prevent forced entry attempts by installing mechanical security components.

The VdS (association of all insurance companies in Germany) recommends first of all to secure a building with mechanical components and afterwards to install electronic security solutions.

The SAELZER steel door series S4HS offers that required mechanical protection. The door was tested in accordance with the European standard for forced entry resistance DIN EN 1627-1630 in the highest protection classes RC5 & RC6. In this high protection classes it is assumed that an experienced burglar would professional prepared perform the burglary.

It is assumed that the burglar uses power tools such as power drill, jigsaw and angle grinder in addition to usual tools such as crowbar and hammer. The S4HS door protects exactly against forced entry attempts with these massive burglary tools.
The security electronics detects the burglar and reports it immediately. However, the intrusion can not be prevented only by security electronics. Depending on the time of the day, the staffing level or the volume of traffic it should require up to 20 minutes until the police or the security company arrives at the site of crime. Therefore, it is advisable to prevent the forced entry of offenders by mechanical security technology up to the arrival of the help.

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