Invisible security

The facade is the most important factor in the appearance of any building. Despite the high levels of protection offered by SYSTEM SAELZER®, it also allows a considerable degree of creativity by architects, designers and owners. The facade is compatible with all windows and doors from SAELZER and can be tailored to the same threat levels. Blast test of our security facade with a charge of 500kg:

Many threats require a simultaneous protection against forced entry, bullets and explosion. Exactly for this combined security requirements, the SAELZER facade offers the optimal solution.

Besides the high protection the SAELZER facade fulfils all required physical properties, such as water tightness, air permeability and resistance against wind load.

Brochure: Aluminium glass facade pdf icon

Security* Standard Class S1-S6-50 Class S1-S6-60
Forced entry resistant,
break out resistance**
According to DIN  EN 1627-1630
Tested from both faces
Up to RC4 Up to RC5
Bullet resistance According to DIN EN 1522-1523 Up to FB4-NS Up to FB7-NS
Blast resistance In accordance with ISO 16933
Classification according to GSA-TS01-2003
Tested according to customer-specific requirements.
Certified up to 357.5 kPa (3.575 bar) reflected pressure, for example blasted with a charge of 100 kg or 500 kg.
GSA-Level 2 (no splinters)
Performance characteristics according to DIN EN 13830
Resistance against wind load Permitted load: 2,000Pa
Increased load: 3,000Pa
Static: RE 900
Dynamic: 250Pa / 750Pa
Air permeability AE
Impact resistance E5 / I5
Thermal insulation Ucw = 1.0 up to 1.6 W/m2K; Depending on segmentation, glazing and security level
Sound insulation Rw 45dB; Depending on segmentation and glazing
Size | profile | glazing | elements
Profile | cover sheets Equal mullion and transom cross sections are possible.
Different cover plate profiles, attached profiles or claddings of metal, wood or stone are possible.
The dimension of the glazing depends on the required security level.
Profile widths Despite high security requirements narrow profile widths. Series S1-S6-50: 50mm Series S1-S6-50:60mm (RC5: 73mm)
Security level of the glazing or panels are same like the complete construction. The facade is designed according to: required thickness of the glazing, resistance level and architectural requirements.
Elements Different thicknesses of the glazing or panels can be incorporated.
Following elements can be integrated additionally:
Window: single and multiple window elements, available with turn, tilt or tilt-turn window hardware, french casement window, optionally with electronic control.
Door: single or double door or sliding element in different forms, with transoms, glazed or with panels. Outside or inward opening. Doors for emergency exists tested according to DIN 179 and DIN 1125 (panic bar) up to RC4. Applicable as interlocking door with special control system possible.
Rebate ventilation | drainage Controlled drainage system via a special transom gasket.
Glueing of the glazing is not necessary (natural glazing rebate ventilation and water circuit). 
Accessories Sun care, glass break detectors, video surveillance, access control, intercom systems, control system for doors and windows and much more!
Installation Installation in several building materials tested and permitted.
Bullet resistance: a bullet resistant wall connection is tested and recommended.   

*  Higher requirements or other standards upon request.
**For the special case "attacks from the inside" (=breakout) exist no test standard. To ensure reliable security even for this fact, the products are tested in accordance with the European standard of forced entry resistance DIN EN 1627-1630 from both faces (inside / outside).