Where optimum security is necessary

In high security areas of criminal justice institutions, and similar facilities, the constant threat of attacks, escapes and assisted escapes must be considered. One thing is for sure - criminal intentions will continuously be present in prisons and justice facilities.

SAELZER guard towers are used to monitor these venerable areas. Towers can be delivered as separate units or complete, based on the customer’s choice. Levels of forced entry, bullet and blast resistance can be customized to the customer’s security requirements.

The configuration of the watch towers is made according to individual request and depending on the country- and security-specific requirements. SAELZER watch towers are weather-proofed and adapted to the geographic and climate conditions.

Standard Class
Forced entry resistance According to DIN EN 1627-1630 Up to RC5
Bullet resistance According to DIN EN 1522-1523 FB7- NS
Explosion resistance On request
Design | resilience | surface | insulation
Glazing Additional to the necessary security: heat, sun and sound protection. Creative diversity e.g. mirrored coloured or opaque glazing.
Material Steel, aluminium, glass.
Roof construction Individual e.g. tiled or tin roof.
Wall elements Room high full or partial glazing, windows (e.g. folding wings, sliding windows), on request window inclined outwardly.
Surface On request
Electronic Adapted to the country-specific mains.
Airconditioning Heating and cooling, different versions.
General product
Heat and sound insulation, water tightness, etc.
Further options: video surveillance, access control, intercoms. And much more!
* Other or higher security requirements on request.