Maximum security, variety and elegance

SAELZER security aluminium windows of the series S2es and S6es offer individual design options and provide combined security against forced entry, ballistic and blast attacks and against pressure waves.

The windows of the two series differ in the level of protection against forced entry and ballistic attacks:

  • Series S6es: Forced entry resistance up to class RC4 | Bullet resistance up to class FB4-NS.
  • Series S2es: Forced entry resistance up to class RC5 | Bullet resistance up to class FB7-NS.
  • Both series offer the same high protection against blast attacks, up to a pressure load of 880kPa (8.8 bar)

The following test video shows a forced entry test of the window series S2es, resistance class RC5. Use of massive tools such electric power drill or axe:

Aluminium windows of SYSTEM SAELZER® permits various design options for individual requirements: whether exact replica of historical elements, windows for robust use in industrial or military property, the elegant design for embassies as well as a comfortable style for a private residence (design variants table below).

Realised projects:

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Security* Standard Class series S2es Class series S6es
Forced entry resistance According to DIN EN 1627-1630
Glazing according to DIN EN 356
Up to RC5
Up to P8B
Up to RC4
Up to P8B
According to DIN EN 1522-1523
Glazing according to DIN EN 1063
Up to FB7-NS
Up to BR7-NS
Up to FB4-NS
Up to BR4-NS
According to DIN EN 13123-2 (open range test), to DIN EN 13123-1 (shock tupe test) and tested according to customer requirements, e.g. tested with 100 kg + 500 kg explosive. Glazing according to SAELZER standards. Up to EXR3-S 84 kPa - 880 kPa (0.84 - 8.8 bar) reflected pressure (open range test).
Different shock tube tests: peak pressures from 50 kPa (0.5 bar) up to 200 kPa (2.00 bar)
Pressure wave resistance According to customer requirements e.g. petro-chemical industry Various long term pressure tests: reflected pressure 134 kPa (1.34bar) test duration > 2s
Resistance against cyclones Tested according to the Australian standard for structural design against wind actions AS/NZS 1170:2:2011 and according to the technical note no.4 by the James Cook University Australia. --- The element was tested with: hard wood timber member of 4 kg mass with a nominal cross section of 100 mm x 50 mm impacting end on at 25 m/s (90 mph) and spherical steel ball 8 mm diameter (approx. 2g mass) impacting at 25 m/s (90 mph).
Performance characteristics according to DIN EN 14351
Resistance against wind load Depending on the type up to class C5
Water tightness Depending on the type class 8A up to E750 (pressure load: 750 Pascal)
Air permeability Depending on the type up to class 4
Depending on the type up to class 5
UW = 0.9 up to 1.7 W/m²K
Values vary depending on the element size and glazing
Up to RW 45 dB
Values vary depending on the element size and glazing
Life cycle   Series S2es:
Details on request due to vary security components and weights.

Series S6es:
Class 2:
Tilt hardware: 20.000 open-close cycle
Turn hardware: 10.000 open-close cycle

Sizes | glazing | hardware | design
Profile depth Depending on the security level. Frame: 135 mm
Wing: 145 mm
Frame : 115 mm
Wing: 125 mm
Glazing Security class of the glazing is the same resistance level as the complex construction. Fixed light: 97 mm
Openable window:
102 mm
Glass thickness up to 90 mm with flush glazing beads.
Profile widths Despite high security components small profile widths e.g. sash profile with of the series S6es up to 35 mm (inside dimensions).
Glazing bead There is no visible screwing of the glazing bead required due to the stable design. Also no glueing necessary (natural glazing rebate ventilation and water circuit). Glazing beads are anchored pressure and impact resistant in the slot of the profiles.
Height Minimum and maximum wing dimensions, depending on the desired level of security.
Design Single and multiple window elements, available with turn, tilt or tilt-turn window hardware, sliding element, french casement window (series S6es), continuous window, with top and side lights, or as round-arched window.
Surface Anodized or powder coated. Planked with all kinds of stainless steel, stone, bronze, various types of wood.
Hardware | wing weights  Hardware for heavy weights. Weights: turn hardware up to 300 kg, tilt hardware and tilt-turn hardware up to 200 kg.
Installation Installation in several building materials permitted. Bullet resistance: a bullet resistant wall connection is tested and recommended. 
* Other or higher requirements on request.