Security with style

Embassies, public prosecutor’s offices, police stations, private homes or commercial premises often fall under historical preservation. The historical protection has to be combined with contemporary and functional security standards.

The security features are placed in the profile of SAELZER security windows. The exterior can be matched to the historical style of any building. SAELZER security windows feature, high quality materials, a true reproduction of the original, and perfect execution.
All - for the historical design necessary materials - are useable. 
The careful installation in the historical buildings fabric is natural for the SAELZER professional technical team. We can provide all shapes and sizes.

Brochure: Aluminium windows pdf icon

Security* Standard Class series S2 Class series S6es
Forced entry resistance According to DIN  EN 1627-1630
Glazing according to DIN EN 356
Up to RC5
Up to P8B
Up to RC4
Up to P8B
According to DIN EN 1522-1523
Glazing according to DIN EN 1063
Up to FB7-NS
Up to BR7-NS
Up to FB4-NS
Up to BR4-NS
According to DIN EN 13123 and according to customer requirements e.g. tested with 100 kg + 500 kg explosive. Glazing according to SAELZER standards. Up to EXR3-S
84 kPa - 880 kPa (0.84 - 8.8 bar) reflected pressure (open range test).
Different tests at the shock tube, positive peak pressures from 50 kPa (0.5 bar) to 200 kPa (2.0 bar).
Long term pressure tests: positive peak pressure of 50 kPa (0.5 bar) and a test duration > 1 s. 
Tested according to the Australian standard for structural design against wind actions AS/NZS 1170:2:2011 and according to the technical note no.4 by the James Cook University Australia.   The element was tested with: hard wood timber member of 4 kg mass with a nominal cross section of 100mm x 50mm impacting end on at 25 m/s (90 mph) and spherical steel ball 8mm diameter (approx. 2g mass) impacting at 25 m/s (90 mph).