SECURON® window

Forced entry resistance in tilted window position - Natural ventilation without obstruction

Tested against forced entry and certified in the tilted window position according to DIN EN 1627-1630 up to level RC3 and up to level RC4 in the closed window position.

A window in tilted position increases considerably the risk of burglary. But not the SAELZER security window SECURON®. Intelligent security technology prevent also in the tilted window position successful forced entry attempts.


  • Improve the quality of life: fresh air, natural light and security.
  • SECURON® windows can be opened for night cooling or ventilation in tilt position during the day without sacrificing security – thereby saving costs for purchasing and using air condition and reductions in energy requirements.
  • Peace of mind not having to worry whether the windows are really closed after going out of the house.

Forced entry test in tilted window position:

Realised projects:

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Security*  Standard
Forced entry

According to DIN EN 1627-1630
Up to RC3 in tilted window position
Up to RC2 in tilted window position as french casement window
Up to RC4 in closed / locked window position

According to DIN EN 1522-1523
Up to FB4-NS in closed window position

Tested with 100kg explosive, reflected pressure: 0.87 bar
Performance characteristics according to DIN EN 14351
Resistance against
wind load
Depending on the type up to class C5
Water tightness Depending on the type up to E750
Air permeabilityImpact resistance Depending on the type up to class 4
Depending on the type up to class 5
Thermal insulation Up to UW = 0.9 up to 1.7 W/m²K
Values vary depending on the element size and glazing
Sound insulation Up to RW 45 dB in closed window position
Values vary depending on the element size and glazing
Sizes | glazing | design
Glazing Security level of the glazing is the same resistance level as the complex construction. Glass thickness up to 85mm with flush glazing beads
Size Wing sizes up to 1.60 x 2.40 m**) (width x height) 
Design Single and multiple window elements
Double sash window as french casement window
With side panels and top lights
Combinable with aluminium door series S6es and mullion-transom construction series S1-S6-50 and S1-S6-S60 
Hardware |
wing weights
Hardware for heavy weights
Weights: tilt and tilt turn hardware up to 200 kg
Surface Anodized or powder coated
Planked with all kinds of stainless steel, stone, bronze, various types of wood
*) other or higher requirements on request.
Permitted sizes according to test report forced entry resistance, to comply with very good values for the water tightness and resistance to wind load must state the architecture as well as the location of the building are taken into account (e.g. wind direction).