Highest level of protection

„No compromises in security and a freedom of design“. This could be the justification for SAELZER US-Dep. of State (DoS) windows in embassies, consulates and the associated guard houses on their post.

The windows are tested and certified according to the standard of the US-Dep. of State SD-STD-01.01 Rev.G. They are available as 5 FE or as 15 FE/BR variaton. The construction is durable and low-maintenance and is available with thermal insulation. The certified construction is customized designed in different sizes, finishes and design options (e.g. vision window, multiple field window, teller window). 
The windows are shipped completely glazed, ready for installation.
They can be combined with the tested and certified DoS doors. SAELZER DoS windows are also available with blast resistance, upon request.

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