SAELZER GmbH, Marburg

Four decades ago, SAELZER developed its specialization in building security products based on traditional metal building skills. Today we deliver our customer specifically designed and constructed doors, windows, façades, barriers and guard houses of the most diverse safety classes and requirements worldwide to more than 90 countries - including installation and maintenance services!

The success of SAELZER security products is mainly based on our uncompromising commitment to innovation, quality and highest individualization opportunities. In the SAELZER range, there is no such thing as "standard security", instead we develop high-quality solutions tailored in design and function to your individual safety targets and threat scenarios. They are designed by specialists and manufactured by qualified professionals, who in most cases have received long-time inhouse education and continuous training. SAELZER always treats your safety and security as a thoroughly executed project , giving top priority on the most efficient protection against all potential threats.