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Another, at the SÄLZER production facilities completely manufactured security guardhouse, was delivered by truck in this week. Due to the complete construction including electrics, heating and cooling technology, built-in furniture and sanitary equipment, the SÄLZER security guard house is installed at the building site in only few days.

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Unfortunately, we will not be able to meet in person at BAU in Munich this year. Together with Schüco, we are therefore using the digital platform BAU ONLINE.
Learn more about our latest developments in the field of building protection in our presentations. Spectacular videos, among others, of the explosion and bullet tests of our high-security façade show the comprehensive protection of our constructions.
You are cordially invited to our virtual presentation.
14. Januar 9:00 - 10:00 Uhr: Ganzheitliche Gebäudeabsicherung mit dem SYSTEM SÄLZER (in deutsch)
15. Januar 13:00 - 14:00 Uhr: Integrated building security with the SYSTEM SÄLZER (in english)

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SÄLZER security products for protection against criminal and industrial threats.
Chemical, petrochemical or criminal threats are a big challenge to secure people, buildings and industrial plants.
While an explosion caused by TNT is characterised by a short duration of pressure at immensely high pressure, an exploding gas-air mixture in a petrochemical plant produces a long-lasting duration of pressure at lower pressure. SÄLZER security products are developed also for this extreme stress, additionally they protect against fire and smoke
Practical example:
The SÄLZER steel door series S4 offers protection against pressure waves with reflected pressure up to 93 kPa, reflected impulse up to 210.000 kPa-ms and a pressure duration of 4.500 ms (level GSA 2/ISO B).
Additionally the SÄLZER door offers fire protection up to T90/EI90, smoke protection S200 and is furthermore tested according to the fire protection requirements BS 476 Part 22 (120 min.).


As part of the complete renovation of the German embassy building in Paris, not only was the facade re-designed, the existing building was also adapted to meet the requirements of contemporary office usage. To improve the security standards, an enclosed glass building was created at the front to manage visitors. The newbuild both fulfils its functional purpose and enhances the area around the embassy thanks to its attractive appearance. The security facade from SÄLZER consists of box profiles (laser-welded, sharp-edged, hollow steel profiles) and an aluminium add-on construction, which contains the up to 2 tonne security glazing measuring 4.60 x 3.20 m. The facade is complemented by tubular frame steel doors in the appropriate resistance class. In addition, the entrance to the embassy building is secured by means of a high-security double-door system with a gateway in a tubular frame construction.

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SÄLZER get the order by the Jewish community to produce a security guard house for the protection of the new school building and the Ignatz Bubis-community in Frankfurt. The guardhouse was completely financed by the Jewish Community to protect the police officers on duty who guard the area, stated Prof. Leo Latasch, head of the security department of the Jewish Community board. The SÄLZER security guardhouse does not only offer protection against different types of threats, but is also equipped for example with the latest heating and air conditioning technology. On 27.10.2020 the Jewish Community board officially handed over the security guardhouse to the Frankfurt police. The responsible officer in charge of the Frankfurt police force, Michael Berge, expressed his pleasure about the many functions: "It provides protection in case of an exchange of fire and the officers can concentrate much better on their tasks because they are not distracted by heat, storm or rain".
Photos: Copyright Jewish Community Frankfurt a.M., M. Fuhrmann