The number of burglaries has increased extremely in the last few years. Only every sixth burglary could be solved. Therefore it is important to prevent forced entry attempts by installing mechanical high security components. SAELZER has enhanced the steel door S4, which was successfully used for decades, and has tested it in the highest security level RC6. The European standard for forced entry resistance EN 1627-1630 assume in the highest resistance level RC6 that an experienced and professional prepared burglar commit the burglary. It is assumed that the burglar uses power tools such as power drill, jigsaw and angle grinder in addition to usual tools such as crowbar and hammer. In the tests according to the European standard the number and the quality of the used tools increases gradually with each resistance level - from RC1 up to RC6. Furthermore the testing time increase gradually with each security level up to a total test time of 50 min. in level RC6.

Combinable security features:

  • Forced entry resistance up to RC6. For use in escape and emergency routes the door can be equipped with emergency exit locks in accordance with DIN EN 179 and DIN EN 1125. Even the glazed door equipped with this locks offers protection up to RC4.
  • Fire protection up to EI 90 | T90 (single & double door, with/without glazing
  • Ballistic attacks up to FB7-NS. This includes protection against all portable fully automatic rapid-fire weapons such as AK-47, AK-74, NATO G3, M16 and machine guns such as MG3 (single & double door).
  • Blast protection: depending on the door variant tested up to EXR5 (27.5bar).
  • Durability test: 200,000 opening cycles.Alle Sicherheitseigenschaften wurden in realen Tests bei akkreditierten Prüfinstituten überprüft und sind durch Zertifikate belegt.

All security features have been tested in real tests at accredited testing institutes and are verified by certificates.

Individual Design:

RC6 Einbruchtest Forced entry testAs diverse as the security requirements are the creative possibilities. The security door S4 can be customized painted or gladded with various materials such as wood, stone or stainless steel. Glazing in different sizes and shapes can be integrated. No standard size, different sizes (as required by the customer) can be produced and a range of different lock versions are available.