UK Security Exhibition full

Currently the UK Security is taking place in England. Already on the 1st day of the fair, Elke SAELZER and our British sales representative, Chris Carwardine, reported that the visitors are very interested in our products. We are exhibiting the aluminum window S2, which passed the bullet test in the highest level FB7-NS according to the European standard. We also present our steel window, which even protects against grenades. The element was tested according to NATO Stanag 2280 in level C4 (mortar shell about 16kg) and in class C5 (artillery shell about 43kg). Furthermore, the window offers protection against all portable fully automatic rapid-fire weapons including machine guns such as AK 47, AK 74, NATO G3, M16. Furthermore we have tested wall in these protection classes. The elements are e.g. suitable for the construction of guard houses or observation buildings in conflict areas.