The use of large glazing, variations of orientations and sizes as well as an almost unlimited possibility for surface finishes and individual hardware solutions are only some of the design possibilities. The steel door has been tested and certified at independent international test institutes in accordance to the European Standards to the highest levels of resistance. Forced Entry (up to RC6), bullet resistance (up to FB7 NS), explosion resistance (up to EXR5), fire resistance (up to T90 and BS 476 120 minutes) smoke resistance (RS-1 and RS-2). Each door is custom made according to the individual security requirements as well as design requirements. The SÄLZER maxim is to offer “invisible security” which has been successfully achieved now illustrated by the German Design Award. Photo: Award ceremony, Roland Beck (R+D department) and Günter Ludwig (department head of steel doors and perimeter security) are thrilled to receive the award from the “Rat für Formgebung”, Frankfurt.