The Lichtigfeld-School in Frankfurt’s West End has existed since 1986 on the site of the former Jewish Community Center. In course of the decision to expand the school concept to include an upper secondary school, the opportunity arose to also reorganize the existing site. The new elementary school for 360 elementary school students now fits harmoniously between the community center, an administration building and an existing kindergarten.
The challenge for the architects was to integrate a large building for the constantly growing space requirements of the expanding community into the ensemble in a high-quality manner and at the same time to offer a schoolyard that is as spacious as possible.
In addition to a cafeteria on the first floor, 20 classrooms are distributed over five floors, as well as retreat rooms for individual learning requirements.

The corridors in front of the classrooms are designed in such a way that they can be used as recreation rooms, thus also provides small places of retreat.

The top floor with a large roof terrace is designed as a learning landscape.
Here, rooms are available for independent, quiet work on the computers, but also for supervised work in groups. The movable furnishings allow flexible use for different forms of learning.

Lichtigfeldschule SÄLZER 18


The volume of the new building is oriented to the surrounding buildings by respectfully incorporating the colors, shapes and height of the neighboring houses into the concept. Above the massive three-story base with an incised side entrance area, the other floors develop up to the recessed stacked floor. Following the large-format natural stone cladding of the neighboring building, a contemporary interpretation using small-format, lively clinker bricks was chosen for the base.

From the fourth floor up plaster surfaces dominate. Their brightness dissipating towards the top. The different window formats and positions give the compact volume the desired lightness.

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