Products for all protective goals, building types and styles

In order to reliably protect lives, properties and material assets, physical building security must be based upon tested and approved system technology. Considering individual threat scenarios, products of different graduated security classes may be applied. More and more frequently, multi-functionality is additionally requested by customers. When it comes to product development, SÄLZER therefore strictly focuses on approved multiple security features. This philosophy ensures cross-series combinability of forced entry, bullet and blast resistance in one single product. Depending on the individual installation scenario you may even additionally integrate break-out resistance as well as protection against fire and smoke.

Apart from their uncompromising security and functionality, all SÄLZER Series feature an elegant, sophisticated design which enables architects to adapt proven, reliable security to the building's individual architecture and style.

Security classes and ratings of SÄLZER products
Forced entry resistance security classes RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5, RC6
Break-out resistance up to class RC4, elements tested on both sides
Bullet resistance ratings FB2-NS, FB3-NS, FB4-NS, FB5-NS, FB6-NS, FB7-NS
Fire and smoke protection ratings T30/EI30, T90/EI90, RS-1, RS-2, S200
Blast resistance classes up to EXR5-NS, EPR4_NS, additionally tested with 100kg, 200kg and 500kg of explosives (GSA2)
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Perimeter security classes/norms PAS 68, US-Dep.of State STD-02.01: K4, K8, K12


Security windows that don't look like security

In everyday building operation, windows already fulfil several important functions. At the same time they manage natural daylight and ventilation, offer thermal insulation and, as part of the building envelope, contribute to its architectural style. Security windows by SÄLZER fulfil all these basic functions according to latest standards and additionally integrate graduated and combinable security and protection against the most diverse threat scenarios.

Using our own custom developed profiles, the frame constructions made of either steel or aluminium keep up the narrow profile face widths preferred in modern architectural styles. At the same time they offer safety and security of the chosen rating and the stability to integrate extensive and heavy multi-functional glazing. Viewed from the outside, their security potential mostly remains secret. Exposed to threats, however, security windows by SÄLZER guarantee tested and certified protection up to highest standards.

Security windows by SÄLZER - security classes and ratings

  • Forced entry resistance classes up to RC5 (fixed window up to RC6); in tilted position up to RC3
  • Breakout resistance up to class RC4, elements tested on both sides
  • Bullet resistance ratings up to FB7-NS
  • Blast resistance classes up to EXR3, additionally tested with 100kg, 200kg and 500kg of explosives (GSA2)
  • Frame materials steel and aluminium


Security doors that integrate functional diversity

Being movable and highly stressed components, the construction of multi-functional security doors is quite complex. Security functions - for example forced entry and bullet resistance - in some applications even have to be extended by blast resistance and/or fire and smoke protection. Additionally, these special doors must be prepared to elegantly integrate automated fittings and access control units.

Each single door function is security-related and has to function reliably and durably as part of the overall door system. Security doors by SÄLZER offer functional diversity by being individually adaptable to a whole variety of single and combined threat scenarios. In order to meet the most diverse customer demands in operating comfort and style, multiple design options have been tested and approved.

Security doors by SÄLZER - security classes and ratings

  • Forced entry resistance up to classes RC5 / RC6 (in steel)
  • Break-out resistance up to class RC4, elements tested on both sides
  • Bullet resistance ratings up to FB7-NS
  • Blast resistance classes up to EXR5-NS, EPR4-NS, additionally tested with 100kg, 200kg and 500kg of explosives (GSA2)
  • Frame materials steel and aluminium


Security facades that combine protection and transparency

In order to make modern architecture's transparent styles consistently transferrable to security facades, SÄLZER developed a highly efficient complete solution as post and mullion construction in aluminium and steel-aluminium design. This security facade solution offers combined forced entry, bullet and blast resistance up to highest security classes. Narrow profiles and expansive glazing are joined together in one consistent design.

SÄLZER security facades have successfully run through numerous tests at independent national and international testing institutes with a variety of insert units and in different customer specific designs. Many expert opinions confirm the system's uncompromising security performance in each individual design. Integrated, holistic system development by SÄLZER enables the architect to realize unitary modern security facades and inner security partition walls that feature the same elegant design as standard facades.

Security facades and -partition walls by SÄLZER - security classes and ratings

  • Forced entry resistance classes up to RC5
  • Bullet resistance ratings up to FB7-NS
  • Blast resistance tested with 100kg, 200kg and 500kg of explosives (GSA2)
  • Frame materials steel and aluminium


Guardhouses & booths as complete solutions

For checkpoints and restricted access roads, SÄLZER has developed a modular and versatile system of guardhouses, containers and booths. Guardhouse modules are freely selectable in number and may be individualized in functional interior design. Tested and certified security is ensured by an application specific choice of security rated windows, doors, roofs and facades for all relevant threat scenarios. Forced entry, bullet and blast resistance may be combined and configured gradually according to the desired security classes.

Guardhouses and booths by SÄLZER are easily adaptable to the constructive demands of specific climates and different types of current supply. Modules are prepared for turnkey installation, ready-to-use within 1 to 7 days after the fundament has been laid. Their compact dimensions ensure easy and economic shipping to worldwide operation sites.

Guardhouses & booths by SÄLZER - security classes and standards

  • Combined security according to EU-standards: forced entry resistance classes up to RC5, bullet resistance ratings up to FB7-NS and blast resistance up to 3.57 bar (GSA2)
  • Certification according to US Dept. of State:
    SD-STD-01.01. Rev G in classes 5 FE and 15 FE/BR for the entire guardhouse
  • Nato STANAG 2280-Certification: modules tested with artillery and mortar shells, classes C4/C5; suitable for application in crisis areas


Perimeter security up to highest impact loads

Recent attack scenarios have tragically revealed the urgent necessity to integrate the security of access roads to buildings and public areas in any effective security concept. To prevent violent penetration of access areas by all kinds of vehicles, SÄLZER offers a wide range of security barriers, drop arm barriers and bollards.

All our systems for perimeter security not only offer certified functionality but also consider in their customized design a trouble-free, low-maintenance long-term use. The latest SÄLZER development in this product category is a mobile barrier system for perimeter security which may be installed temporarily in the course of public events.

Perimeter security by SÄLZER – security classes and standards

  • Barriers, drop arm barriers and pollards by SÄLZER are available according to the following standards: PAS68, US-Dep. of State SD-STD-02.01 (up to level K12)


Security grills & blades, recommended by experts

Security grills by SÄLZER, marketed under the brand OXIR®Series, offer reliable passive security against force entry, break-out and escape attempts from outside. They are regarded as main structural security measures for police stations, prisons, forensic clinics as well as all kinds of industrial facilities. Police and insurance companies also recommend them for private applications, i.e. securing windows in less exposed parts of the facade.

Also marketed under the brand OXIR®Series, security blade modules by SÄLZER combine ventilation functions and weather protection with additional forced entry and bullet resistance. Combinable modules composed of fixed, slightly overlapping steel lamellas may be arranged horizontally and vertically, hence offering both protection and ventilation even for expansive surfaces.


Additional equipment that improves your safety

Heartbeat detector AVIAN
Extensive market analyses have convinced SÄLZER to add the heartbeat detector AVIAN to their safety and security product range. The system ensures a reliable safety check of all kinds of vehicles, detecting hidden persons by heartbeat and thus preventing secret escapes from prisons and forensic clinics.

Portable protective shield SECUBOARD®
SECUBOARD® is a compact, bullet resistant clipboard (notebook) especially invented as a mobile shield for the police. This clipboard serves as an immediately usable protective shield during traffic and vehicle checks in case persons controlled suddenly present a firearm.


State of the art in glass and metal building

Besides developing and manufacturing building security products, SÄLZER also has an expertise in traditional metal building. High-quality windows, doors, shop windows and conservatories in steel and aluminium are traditionally manufactured in our own facilities, taking into account the latest standards in thermal insulation, sound protection, automation, operating comfort and security.

By individualized handcrafted production we achieve the highest quality level as well as flexibility and variety in system design. SÄLZER customers benefit from our high standards in terms of reliability and trouble-free long-term system operation. Our specialist know-how in metal working and fittings extends, if desired, over the whole lifecycle of our products, as we also cover, on request, all customer services from consulting to maintenance and repair.