SÄLZER AVIAN heartbeat detector for a reliable security check of hidden persons in vehicles during access and exit control. Preventing secret escapes from prisons and forensic clinics.

This reliable technology can quickly prevent prison escapes or detect stowaways at border crossings. The geophone sensors are placed on any vehicle frame to detect the shock waves generated by the beating heart, which couples to any surface in contact with the body. The system collects and analyzes the data using advanced signal processing algorithms to detect a hidden person in as little as 11 seconds after sensors are placed on the vehicle. The inspecting officer places the geophone sensors on a flat metal surface of the vehicle frame. Once the sensors are in place, the officer presses the button on the screen of the computer. When the testing is done, the sensors automatically reel back into their case and the vehicle can pass. The system has proven to be 100 % effective and reliable in detecting human presence under windless conditions.

The method of searching vehicles for hidden persons with a one-screen graphical interface operation makes training a simple matter that can be accomplished in less than one hour.