Bullet resistant clipboard series SECUBOARD®

Bullet resistant clipboard SECUBOARD® (notebook) for a fast and flexible protection of police officers against handguns; to be used for ex. during identity checks.

Secures the unprotected head and neck
Due to the inclined angle and the short distance the clipboard ensures the complete upper body including the head and neck, the area that is not protected by a protective jacket.

Two different security levels
Two different versions are available. They differ in the level of security as well as in the weight. The material of both types was tested according to the European Standard for bullet resistance DIN EN 1522 + 1523 in the security levels FB2-NS and FB4-NS.

  • SECUBOARD® 9 mm Para
    The lighter version, with a weight of just 1.57 kg (3.46 lbs) offers protection against shelling with the 9 mm Para munition. So the board offers protection against the most common handgun calibers. This corresponds to protection of the level FB2-NS above mentioned standard.

  • SECUBOARD® .44 Magnum
    This variation offers security against handguns calibre .44 Magnum. This corresponds to level FB4-NS. Due to the higher protection the weight rises up to 2.6 kg (5.73 lbs).

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