Forced entry and bullet resistance

Louver modules that may be arranged additively to cover even wide surfaces, offering forced entry resistance (up to RC5) and bullet resistance (up to FB6-NS). Elegant and effective combination of ventilation and security.
Through the special placement of the single blades, SÄLZER louvers offer resistance against bullets and protection against rain and wind.

SÄLZER louvers are tested and certified according to European and US-American standards:

  • According to the European standard: forced entry resistance level RC5 in combination with bullet resistance FB6-NS.
  • According to the standard of the US-Dep. of State: 5 min FE and 60 min FE/BR

The solid and very robust louvers are manufactured of steel. The louvers, which are tested to the European standard are also available in stainless steel.

The blades are available in horizontal or vertical position. By combination several louvers, larger areas can be secured and ventilated. Optionally a shield against insects can be added on the inside.

  • High security louver.

    High security louver.

  • Forced entry resitance:

    Forced entry resitance:

    tested up to 5 FE, 60FE/BR (US-American standard) and up to RC5 (European standard).

  • Bullet resistance:

    Bullet resistance:

    up to 60FE/BR (US-American standard)and up to FB4S (European standard.)