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Concealed security

Security facade as transom and mullion construction in either aluminium or steel-aluminium, tested and approved in many variants and customer specific designs. Adaptable to any style and building type. Integrates many different security elements. Tests and approvals of customer specific designs possible on request.

SÄLZER series S1es – material and profile width

S1es-50 AL
Material: aluminium, profile width: 50mm
S1es-50 AS
Material: steel-aluminium, profile width: 50 mm
S1es-60 AL
Material: aluminium, profile width 60 mm
S1es-60 AS
Material: steel-aluminium, profile width: 60 mm

Security classes:

  • British Embasy in Warsaw Poland,

    British Embasy in Warsaw Poland,

    high security double glazed facade.

  • Security skylight

    Security skylight

  • German Embassy Tokio Japan,

    German Embassy Tokio Japan,

    design and security concept according costumer requirements.

  • Security facade

    Security facade

    with integrated aluminium double door.

» Download brochure: Aluminium façade (transom and mullion construction) series S1 pdf