Break out resistance, protection against vandalism, fire and suicide

There is no own testing standard to check the break out resistance of products. Because of this SÄLZER tests its doors, windows and grills from both sides according to the standard for forced entry resistance DIN EN 1627-1630 (see table below).

The security products are constructed very solid so they offer also protection against vandalism attacks. Furthermore they are reliable and durable even by high mechanical use.
Our break out resistant products avoid suicide and injuries. For example, the profiles and glazing beads of METAS® cell window are rounded and flush, the hardware is installed concealed and no handle is necessary.
Furthermore is our prison cell door series S4Z tested according to the guidelines for prison doors of the federal state Saxony-Anhalt. The steel door series S4 and the steel tube door SECUFIRE® protect additionally against fire and smoke (EI90 / T90 or EI45 / T30, S200). The doors were tested with the high security locks, which are prescribed for prison and forensic facilities.

The SÄLZER break out resistant products:

  • Cell doors
  • Steel door
  • METAS® cell window
  • SECUFIRE® door
  • SECUFIRE® window
  • OXIR® grills


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