Highest security requirements combined with smoke and fire protection

SÄLZER security products offer maximum protection against forced entry, ballistic and blast attacks and protects simultaneously against fire and smoke.

The fire resistance of our products is tested and classified according to the European standards DIN EN 1363-1, 1363-2, 1634-1 in connection with DIN EN 14600 and DIN13501-2.
The standard DIN EN 13501-2 replaces the familiar classification according to DIN 4102, in which fire resistant products are classified in the classes T30 – T180. The former classes corresponds to the new ones e.g. T30 = EI30 (30 minutes fire protection). The class EI45 is insert additionally in the revised classification standard.

Smoke is just as dangerous as fire for humans, so a fire door should also protect against smoke. The smoke test is performed in accordance with DIN EN 1643-1.
The test result is divided into "Sa" and "Sm or S200" (table below).

Your advantages, individual security products and combined protection:

  • Tested and certified security solutions, individual approvals based on positive test reports
  • Windows tested up to EI30 and single and double doors tested up to EI90 / T90 and S200. The products are available combined with protection against further threats (depending on the selected product): fire and smoke resistance combined with forced entry resistance up to RC4, bullet resistance to FB 7-NS, blast resistance up to EXR4, 1260kPa [12.6bar]).
  • Available as fully glazed steel frame door SECUFIRE®
  • Extensive additional equipment
  • Many different product variants are tested
  • Compliance with other standards:
    - British Standard BS 476-22


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