Protection against forced entry and vandalism

The number of burglaries is very high but the detection rate is low. SÄLZER offers a wide variety of tested and certified doors, windows, facades, grilles and many other products to protect against forced entry attempts. The elements are tested according to the European standard for forced entry resistance DIN EN 1627-1630 (table below). The tests are documented by test certificates from accredited testing institutes.

Individual security solutions:

  • Windows and facades are tested up to resistant class RC 5.
  • Serie SECURON®provides forced entry resistance even in the tilted window position up to resistant class RC 3.
  • Aluminum doors, steel plate and steel frame doors are forced entry resistant up to class RC 4.
  • Our special security steel door series S4HS is tested and certified up to highest resistant class RC 6.
  • Combined protection against various threats: forced entry resistance RC 4/RC 5/RC 6 combined with bullet resistance to FB 7-NS, blast resistance up to a pressure of 880 kPa (8,8bar / steel doors to 2750kPa (27,5bar) and fire and smoke resistance up to level EI90 / S200.
  • The steel frame door SECUFIRE®is also forced entry resistant up to level RC 4 in the fully glazed product variant with anti-panic locks according to EN 179 / EN 1125. The multipurpose door offers additional fire and smoke protection (up to EI45 / S200), bullet resistance (up to FB4) and blast resistance (with an explosive charge of 500kg tested).
  • Voluntary quality monitoring by an external certification center of the institute PfB Rosenheim (PfB CERT).
  • The ‘German Police Crime Prevention’ (LKA Bayern) recommend SÄLZER as "manufacturer of forced entry resistant products".
  • Many products and product variants are tested up to complete guardhouses or to panic rooms.
  • Optional: integration in a supervisory system, integration of glass breakage detectors, electric locking systems, signal contacts and more.
  • Compliance with other standards:
    - Tests according to the standard of the US Department of State SD-STD-01.01 Rev.G.
    - Vault doors tested according to DIN EN 1143-1 in resistance level 0 and 1.
    - Doors and windows tested to various Russian standards, such as GOST R 51072-97.


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