Protection against unauthorized access of vehicles

SÄLZER provides high security drop arm barriers, steel blade barriers and bollards, which prevents reliably the unauthorized and forcible access of vehicles. Highest impact loads up to 1,852kJ (PAS 68) can be stopped. All products of SÄLZER are characterized by reliability, robustness and are easy to maintain.

Available in following standards:

  • Standard of the US Department of State SD-STD-02.01:
  • K4 Level (15,000 lbs/30 mph, impact load: 610 kJ)
  • K8 level (15,000 lbs/40 mph, impact load: 1,085 kJ)
  • K12 level (15,000 lbs/50 mph, impact load: 1,695 kJ)
  • ASTM F2656 / F2656M-15
  • PAS 68 (16,534 lbs – 50 mph, impact load: 1,852kJ)


Our products:

  • Drop arm barriers
  • Steel blade barriers
  • Bollards


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