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Individual guard house

Elegant security windows in aluminium with attractive design variants in classifications up to RC 4 and FB4.

Individual security in an aesthetic appearance

One of the SÄLZER maxims is: the best security is security you cannot see. After all, maximum security and individual design are not mutually exclusive.

The customer therefore determines the design of the guard house and SÄLZER then implements the best security technology for this design concept. The security house concept is as individual as the design.

This means, for example, that generous glazing with a conventional construction method ensures that the guard house is individually adapted to the architecture of the entire property.

Security requirements
Forced Entry Resistance to RC4
Bullet Resistance to FB4-NS
Blast Resistance
More about the safety levels

SÄLZER security guard houses are used in many different ways:

  • Administrative and government buildings, like embassies, consulates and ministries
  • Buildings belonging to international organisations
  • Facilities for the police and security staff
  • Penal institutions and forensic psychiatric facilities
  • Military bases
  • Industrial sites, such as petrochemical plants
  • Research institutes
  • Data processing centres

Security according international standards & individual requirements

Guard houses for individual requirements

Forced entry resistance
Forced entry resistance
Frame and special glazing tested as a complete unit in various designs in accordance with DIN EN 1627-1630 up to RC5 (fixed pane RC6). A note about the glazing: In the high resistance classes RC5 and RC6, the P7B and P8B glazing tested in line with DIN EN 356 must be replaced with glazing of higher quality, as it is only tested with blows with an axe. This glazing cannot withstand attacks with the electrical tools used in these high burglar resistance classes.
Bullet resistance*
Bullet resistance*
In accordance with DIN EN 1522-1523 up to FB7-NS, glazing in accordance with DIN EN 1063 up to BR7-NS.
Blast resistance*
Blast resistance*
In accordance with DIN EN 13123 up to EXR3 and accordance with customised requirements, various open range tests with different explosive charges (such as 100 kg or 500 kg charge), reflected pressure up to 880 kPa (8,8 bar), Various shock tube tests with reflected pressure up to 200 kPa (2.0 bar). Special tests regarding the requirements of the petrochemical industry with a peak pressure of 134 kPa (1.34bar) and a positive pressure duration of 2 sec., glazing composition according SALZER requirements. Classified: GSA2 (Protection Level "Very High"), ISOB (Hazard Rating "No Hazard").

The complete guard house is also certified by the US Department of State standard SD-STD-01.01 Rev G, in 5 FE and 15 FE/BR.

Higher security requirements can also be met at the customer's request. We would be happy to help put together your security concept in a personal consultation.

Areas of application

Guard house with generous glazing
For an American property with a sloping double façade and roof construction.
All of the components were security-tested in advance in accordance with specifications from the US Department of State.  (Photo: With kind permission of  Wayss & Freytag Ing.-bau AG).

Fully glazed, cube-shaped guard house
For a German embassy abroad with a security façade made from box profiles and an aluminium add-on construction, which is able to bear the 2+ tonne weight of the 4.6 x 3.2 m individual security glazing with ease.

Personal consultation

Every building project is unique and the perfect high-security solution depends on a number of different factors. Contact us now and we will work out your requirements together, so that you can have the perfect security system and protect what is yours and what is important.



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